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Visit us  at  PJL Target's booth at the 2015 IWA outdoor classics show (booth 2-408, hall 2 , near Browning)  Nuremberg , Germany

Close quarter battle demands fast reactions and sharp decision making under pressure from the soldier

Training soldiers for CQB is a very hard task.

The most important thing is to simulate a real respond from the soldier but when no one is shooting at him, it will be hard to simulate ..

CQB trainer consists of Israeli Special Forces shooting instructors and Israeli defense industry Engineers.

Our Goal is to assist CQB trainers and Shooting Instructors to get the best out of their training by creating good simulation.

We developed several kinds of popup targets systems.

The targets are very easy to operate with an intuitive simple remote control system, very light weight and easy to maneuver around the training field.

Another important criterion was to keep the system at a low retail price and by that to make it affordable to shooting academies and schools around the word.