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The R - target

The R target is a modular, light weight reactive shooting target.

It is the perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor ranges; The R target is used for rifle, handgun and Air soft practices. It was specially designed for the use of law enforcement, military and recreational training.

The R target contains no metal parts, eliminating ricochets. parts are all made from unique high-grade polymer panel ensuring shooter safety even at point-blank range.


Reacts upon Impact with loud sound and flashing lights to Indicate Target Hit

Mechanical reaction areas are added

Lightweight, Easy to Setup, Transport and Store

Safe for use in all ranges, including point-blank target practice

no ricochets

Perfect for Sniper, Handgun, Assault Rifle and Air soft Training

HD printable material – print your own figure

Included in the kit

1 modular stand

1 target

4 mechanical reactive plates with connectors

1 electronic reaction set (sound and light )


Operational temperature range: 0-50 degrees Celsius

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