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CQB trainer is the developer and producer of high tech quality training equipment.

The company developed and designed a new line of multi layer polymeric modular products.

These products are being widely used by the Israeli military forces , police and other security forces in Israel and around the world.

The company’s products  are developed in close collaboration with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and special forces .

Ran Taub - Founder & CEO:

Ran has a degree in mechanical engineering  from the Ben gurion university

and has been employed as a Machine gun engineer and product manager in the Israeli Weapon Industry for many years (IWI - the developer of the famous Galil rifle , Uzi sub machine gun, Galil sniper gun and more ).

Ran was the project manager of the new Negev 7.62 mm machine gun and has a lot of experience in developing and designing new products to the defense industry .


Ran is working as a private consultant for various companies like the: European Asian pipe line, the Israeli airport authority, , Baran group and others and has over 20 years experience as a developer, designer and project manager .


As an ex special forces fighter with over 15 years experience as a CQB instructor at the Israeli special forces and SAS, Ran and his team understand the exact need from the user and the developer points of view.

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