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The R target is a modular, light weight reactive shooting target.

It is the perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor ranges; The R target is used for rifle, handgun and Air soft practices. It was specially designed for the use of law enforcement, military and recreational training.

The R target contains no metal parts, eliminating ricochets. parts are all made from unique high-grade polymer panel ensuring shooter safety even at point-blank range.


is a smart, hit counting anti-terrorism training target system

The target and its stand are made out of a very light weight polymer with very high hit recovery properties.

The target and the stand are flat and could be easily carried out in the field with very low volume

The Israeli Defense forces has approved for use the I target and has began purchasing in large amounts as of july 2017

Special additions:

Integrated hit counterIntegrated LED displaySmart phone hits App.

Like all our products, The I – Target Was developed by a team of Israeli defense industry Engineers and qualified IDF shooting instructors and is currently being tested by the IDF .

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